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Speaking Services

Dr. Trifiletti is passionate about delivering interactive intensives, keynotes, workshops or speaking engagements, driven by insights derived from over 2000 global coaching hours. She sees through the pat answers, myths, and manifestos around familiar topics and leans into breakthrough ideas for those who attend. Real leadership is a way of being. It can't be imitated. Karen will tailor her topic to your company's needs; that said, below are some areas in which she may powerfully engage you and yours. 

  • Executive Presence: Way of Being, More Than a Style

  • High Stakes Conversations: Curiosity, Candor, & Compassion

  • Creating, Maintaining, Owning Your Work Narrative

  • Leading from Any Chair

  • Managing Up Effectively: Knowing Your Stakeholders, Knowing the eta-Story

  • Transitioning to Positions Where You're in Your Zone of Genius

  • Leadership at the Top: Being Heard & Seen as a CEO

  • Giving Feedback: Second to Getting Feedback

  • Managing Systemic Chaos: Advancing Order in the Kingdom

  • Setting Boundaries: Time/Work, Emotional, Relational, Professional, Intellectualt

  • Other topics by request

Contact Karen to via email or the contact form below to invite her to your event.

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