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Board Certified, Global Transformational Executive, Life & Emotional Wellness Coach



You may have done new design work or a remodel on your home or property at some point in your life! Have you also felt a deep soul need for an overall shift or transformation in your emotional, personal, relational, or professional life? 


Are you wanting to be more aligned with who you are, or figure out how to exponentially step into a trajectory you desire, explore what that trajectory may look like, stop the comparison game, step into your own authentic voice and gifts, and catch the wave you were meant to catch, create the opportunities to serve meaningfully that you desire?


What got you here may not get you to the next level of living.


That’s why I’m here. To walk alongside high performing people who want to deeply serve and get more aligned in order to do so


…. who want to come from a place of abundance and not of lack.


….who are willing to look at not-knowing in the moment as an opportunity to find out, to learn, to get the downloads and intuitive insights that can move them forward. 


… who want to create a new story, or at least see the parts of their story that are unhelpful and/or untrue.


After all, the stars do come out in the darkest night—we would never see those in the daylight. But in the daylight, we can move a step at a time in the direction of the service we were meant to give.


During times of disruption, we collectively feel untethered for a minute—but that liminal space, the in-between space allows us to unpack emotions we may be experiencing—from anxiety and overwhelm to uncertainty about how best to move forward in service to others and in care for ourselves. 


Disequilibrium is a precursor to great growth for those willing to be vulnerable, show up fully in coaching, and play full out, That’s what I do as your coach. 


I do what Rich Litvin calls high flame coaching—inviting you into bigger questions, and larger inspired and inspiring meaningful dreams that align with your giftedness and passions and the needs of the world—rather than going through the motions in a life reactively. 


I work with insights because one insight can change everything. One perceptual shift in your narrative, in your mindset, in the way your thoughts have sabotaged you in some way, or the way in which you have been stuck in a cycle of unproductive emotion and overwhelm, can change your world


I will challenge you, advocate for you, sit with you, ask powerful intuitive questions of you and hold you accountable to your desired next steps. I will help you unpack emotions, and realize that your thoughts drive them and some of those may be gently challengeable. 

For a deep, powerful, one-hour coaching conversation with me,

please text me directly at 801.361.7571.


Let’s explore what’s top of mind and heart with you, and go from there!

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