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Passionate About Inspiring Others


Karen is the CEO of Sanctuary LLC, a Transformational Master Certified Coach & Mentor Coach facilitating personal, powerful, growth and change. 

As she coaches, Karen finds herself most curious and intuitive, not just about a client’s existing ‘life operating system’ and upgrading it or putting fixes on the bugs in cosmetic way, but rather shining a light on the operating system itself—going beneath the waterline to see what really matters, what core belief has them stuck, what mindset is no longer serving them, that may be unpacked together—evoking great new awareness that illicit hope, resilience, progress, and personal peace. It’s a miraculous and beautifully fun space to play in, says Karen. She believes heart fully that one insight can change one’s perceptual world and way of being in it! 

Her passion and purpose is to walk alongside high aspiring people who want to deeply serve and get more aligned in order to do so. 


As Mentor

Karen particularly enjoys coaching coaches and mentoring those seeking their ACC, PCC, and MCC credentials. She works to help coach mentees realize their style, presence, intuition, and capabilities so they can up-level their spaciousness and way of being, embody a coaching mindset, and move along the path to mastery, from ACC to PCC, or PCC to MCC, and as well to understand the nuances of mastery in a way that prepares them individually for the scenario-based new ICF Coach Credentialing Exam. 

Education & Background
Karen was trained by the Institute of Life Coach Training (ILCT), with additional specialty coaching and clinical supervision through (Trauma-Informed Coaching) and coaches globally, as an ICF MCC, Transformational Coach. 

Additionally, Karen engaged in past advanced training with the Arbinger Institute—a global leader in relational and executive coaching. She is also trained in Cognitive Behavior Coaching, and Appreciative Inquiry.

Dr. Trifiletti/Coach Karen has a Masters and PhD in Coaching & Human and Organization Development; her dissertation regards a model for how epiphanies, aha's, shifts, insights, and transformations occur for clients within powerful coaching sessions. 

Karen spent 10-15 years in corporate leadership and development for private and non-profit organizations, and has been a writer for over 20 years.

She is CEO of Sanctuary LLC, and is an EAP Provider for United Health. She has worked with global executives and mid-tier management teams from companies such as Pinterest, Facebook, Linked-in, Uber, Morgan Stanley, Google, Meta, Initiative, Jazz Pharma, Chubb, BMW, and more. 

Karen works, as well, with parents, mompreneurs, couples, individuals in life transitions and more. She understands that how we show up and lead in our everyday life is how we will lead in any venture we undertake. 

She looks forward to an initial deep and powerful conversation with you to learn your story and your hopes, dreams, challenges, and questions--and she will likely invite you into larger ones! 

Certifications & Areas of Interest

  • IUPS: PhD in Coaching and Human Development

  • Fielding University: Masters and Doctoral Studies in Human Development - Santa Barbara, CA

  • Brigham Young University: Masters in English coursework - Provo, UT, USA

  • APSATS Certified Partner Trauma-Informed Coach

  • Coach Training from the Institute of Life Coach Training (ILCT) 

  • Transformational Presence 

  • Certification in Cognitive Behavioral Coaching

  • Emergent Systems & Chaos Theory 

  • Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence

  • Quantum Change, Shifts, Epiphanies 

  • Leadership from Inside Out

  • Appreciative Inquiry Coursework

  • Transpersonal/Spiritual Coaching

  • Bucknell University Bachelor of Arts in French - Lewisburg, PA, USA

  • Abington High School, Pennsylvania, USA  Rank: 1 in 1000

  • BCC, Board Certified Coach

  • ICF MCC, Master Coach Credential

Contact Karen

Please reach out to Karen anytime at, or use the contact form below.

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