Passionate About Inspiring Others


Karen provides personal, powerful, transformative one-on-one coaching services for clients who are seeking to make exponential, deep, exciting, sustainable, life changes, in career, in personal and professional transition, or in striving to launch, in relationships, in executive leadership—helping people live out their lives more fully and intentionally, with influence and showing up fully.

She works with those in leadership in homes, families, communities and global businesses, struggling with disruption, uncertainty, perplexities, anxieties around enoughness, perfectionism, people-pleasing, control, as well as those wishing to ratchet up their vision and/or game to be of deep influence for the greater good, and to leave a legacy of faithful gifting to the families and the world--none of which are mutually exclusive. 

Karen was trained by the Institute of Life Coach Training (ILCT), with additional specialty coaching and clinical supervision through and coaches globally, with over 1400 coaching hours as a Board Certified Global Transformative Coach. 


She is CEO of Karen Trifiletti Services/Sanctuary LLC, and is an EAP Emotional Wellness Provider for the following:


Lyra Health

Emotional Wellness Coach for Execs, Employees of 

Top Tech, Financial, and Other Corporations


United Health Care/IBO EAP

Emotional Wellness Coach/Provider

Additionally, she engaged in advanced training with the Arbinger Institute—a global leader in relational and executive coaching. In this line of work, she helps couples and individuals identity their core values and say yes to those that align with them and no to those things that don't. She facilitates spaces where clients can learn better how to communicate in high stake or sensitive conversations--assertively rather than passive aggressively or aggressively, to synergize solutions, and create both/and options together with teams or biz partners or spouses. She understands that how we lead in our everyday life is how we will lead in any venture we undertake. All parts of us--mind, body, spirit--have a bearing on how we show up for ourselves, our families, our work, our communities, our teams.


Karen's masters and doctoral work are in Coaching & Human and Organization Development; her dissertation regards a model for how epiphanies, aha's, shifts, insights, and transformations occur for clients within powerful coaching sessions.


Karen is passionate about serving others deeply and being present in engaging powerful life-changing coaching conversations with those who desire impact, are willing to show up fully, and play all out! 


She looks forward to an initial deep and powerful conversation with you to learn your story and your hopes, dreams, challenges, and questions--and she will invite you into larger ones!


  • Fielding University Masters and Doctoral Studies in Human Development, ABD - Santa Barbara, CA

  • BYU Masters in English coursework - Provo, UT

  • APSATS Certified Partner Trauma-Informed Coach

  • Training from the Institute of Life Coach Training (ILCT) in life transitioning, wellness coaching and redesign

  • Bucknell University Bachelor of Arts in French - Lewisburg, PA

  • Abington High School Junior rank: 1 in 1000

  • Board Certified Coach